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Incineration fry ash stabilization machine
DAW MIXER stabilize harmful heavy metal of incineration fly ash.
Humidty ajustment mixture of non-ferrous metals wet waste and dry powder.
Mixture of powders and wet hybrid waste.
Dride the wet dust with lead carbonate and sulfuric acid.
Digestion of the calcium oxide.
Feed production from Distilled Spirit <Shouchu> residue.
Blend kneading and granulate of silicic acid polassic fertilizer.
Fertilizer product from Bagasse <reside of sugarcane squeezed> .
Improvement of two rotary shafts feeder with one side support.
Performance enhancement of existing standerd type DAW MIXER.
Powders process・Humidification blend
Stabilize of incineration fly ash, Vice-materials recycling.
Vice-materials recycling, Granulated the component zinc dust of
the reducing furnace.
Produces fertilizer in the boiler destruction by fire ash of fowl droppings.
Fixed quantity supplying machines of Depot
Constant feeding of blast furnace dust, the converter furnace dust.
Screw part change of the existing to cut machine.
Movable Remote-control System for Opening and closing of
the valve and gate

Power operation change of the dam lake manual operation winch.

Remote-control the extension valve with a penetration shaft.

Remote-control the manual valve at the safe work point.

Labor saving of the main steam communication valve between
the boiler.

Opening and shutting labor saving of the ethylene production line
manual valve.
Labor saving and scale adhesion of the manual steam well valve
opening and shutting are reduced.