Our patent technology that produced high-performance blend kneading apparatuses with a compact
Twin rotary shafts self-cleaning mechanism with unequal speeds (JAPAN PAT. No. 3207381)
The patent technology that enabled uniform blend kneading on fire and consecutive blend ream

single rank rods

single rank paddles

double ranks rods

pin rods
Our patent technology proud of the superior results to dust treatment of general raw materials system other than the dust-collection dust treatment of in a convertor, sintering, the steel manufacture iron manufacture process. It prevents the adherence trouble in a machine causing the efficiency drop at the production field.
In addition, it is superior in abrasion resistance, and there is little trouble, and the maintenance performance is appreciated because structure is simple.
Twin rotary shafts
DAW MIXER is twin rotary shafts are rotate in opposite directions, and convey it to one direction while performing beating, kneading of a blend paste thing.
The twin rotary shafts , which a plurality of rods or paddles is erected and arranged spirally.
Unequal speeds rotation and self-cleaning
Causing the two rotary shafts to rotate at unequal speeds causes the rods or paddles of the two rotary shafts to scrape off the kneaded object that has adhered to the peripheral surface outsideother rotary shaft.
Single rank type and Double rank type
The paddle or the rod erected to two rotary shafts has shingle rank or double ranks for the shaft, and specifications are decided depending on a use.

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