There are many results to fixed-quantity feeding, for the sewage sludge, the sediment, the blast furnace dust.
Fixed-quantity feeding the sediment of sewage disposal plant
We have the install results to many sewer processing facilities, because it can be driblet fixed-quantity feeding the dry sediment which occurs in a sewage disposal plant, and blast furnace dust. We can design a many shafts type or the shaft movement ceremony in various ways other than 2 shafts.
Addition to self-cleaning function by unequal speed rotation of twin rotary shafts, high adhesive objects are able to processing.

Principal use
Iron manufacturing/Nonferrous metal : Blast furnance dust feeding
Sewage disposal plant : driblet fixed-quantity feeding the sewage sludge and sediment

Twin rotary shafts self-cleaning mechanism with unequal speeds

iJAPN PAT. No.4996692j
Humidification blend kneading is performed by twin rotary shafts , which a plurality of rods is erected and arranged spirally. Twin rotary shafts are rotate in opposite directions. Causing the two rotary shafts to rotate at unequal speeds causes the rods of the two rotary shafts to scrape off the kneaded object that has adhered to the other rotary shaft. Therefore, the mixing operation is performed as a sequential system of fine dust mixing, moistening, beating, kneading and conveying to the outlet performing the self-cleaning function.
Shaking type at phase difference of 180 degrees
These facilities convey and feeding by shaking us's original carrier bar in the lower storage tank, after the storage tank temporarily stores storage thing.
There are many install results to sewer facilities because a little fixed-quantity feeding is possible and can supply constantly the storage thing to incineration facilities.
There is no winding to the shaft, occurring with a spiral-style feeder.