It stabilize harmful heavy metal of incineration fly ash
It stabilize harmful heavy metal of incineration fly ash
DAW MIXER makes destruction by fire ash an indeterminate form solid body by "humidification blend kneading on fire processing" and stabilizes harmful heavy metal. The humidification blend kneading on fire processing is carried out with one us's original technical (patent 3207391st "Twin rotary shaft self-cleaning mechanism with unequal speeds") machine efficiently. Furthermore, a chemicals and cement to use for solidification by the adoption of the double rank rod can stabilize the heavy metal by a little use. Besides, the indeterminate form granulation (10mm - around 50mm) of the solid body discharge side dam at the time of the discharge was performed efficiently, and the solidification thing generation function improved more, too.

Improved kneading performance with the Double rank Rod system
DAW MIXER has achieved dramatic improvement in the kneading efficacy by double rank aligning conventional rods in twin rotary shaft. In a complex rotational movement, the fixed unequal speeds mechanism guarantees good performance in the consecutive kneading and self-cleaning function.

"MOIC" is self-regulation with a fluid volume
A sensor detects the changes in ash condition in real time, and the standard equipped "MOIC", our original development, controls moisture content and allows homogenization of the dough and more stable amorphous granulation.

Compact & hight performance
DAW MIXER realizes high performance with space-saving design, can be installed even in a limited space. The size is almost the same as conventional mixers; however, we recommend this DAW MIXER because of its dramatic improvement in performance.

Flowchart of Incineration Fly Ash Process

Specification/Dimensional drawing

Twin rotary shafts self-cleaning mechanism with unequal speeds

iJAPN PAT. No.4996692j
Humidification blend kneading is performed by twin rotary shafts , which a plurality of rods is erected and arranged spirally. Twin rotary shafts are rotate in opposite directions. Causing the two rotary shafts to rotate at unequal speeds causes the rods of the two rotary shafts to scrape off the kneaded object that has adhered to the other rotary shaft. Therefore, the mixing operation is performed as a sequential system of fine dust mixing, moistening, beating, kneading and conveying to the outlet performing the self-cleaning function.
"MOIC" automatic moisture control equipment
The standard equipped "MOIC", our original development, controls moisture content.