Sealing up type without the dust scattering, unequal speed pin type granulator
Humidification Grannulator with "Twin Rotor Pins" which granulate uniformly at high speed.

The pin Type humidification granulator with "Twin Rotor Pins" adoption is most suitable for the glanulation of powders and humidification blend. A pin shock to occur because of the high-speed turn of the rotor pin functions effectively and can do uniform granulation.
Excellent work of blend kneading and granulation

When a pin (Rotor Pins) erected in a spiral by a rotor did a high-speed turn, it trigger big centrifugal force, and, as for the pelletizer, humidification blend kneading on fire and a granulation are performed functionally to an object, and there are the superior results for dust processing of collection dust and the common raw materials transportation system dust.

Equalize mixing and self-cleaning mechanism

DAW PELLETIZER operate the stability with equalize mix blend kneading and self cleaning work by adoption of twin rotor mechanism that drives unequal speeds.
Long life design

The life of the rotor depends on the corrosion of therotor pin and abrasion of the tip. So we adopt various SUS materials for prevention of rust and the super hard thick ceramic tip is optional, prepares for the abrasion prevention of the pin tip.
Complete sealing

DAW PELLETIZER is complete sealing up type from hopper begining to cut gate to an outlet, so there is no mine dust scattering.
Space saving

DAW PELLETIZER is compact design, so setting space is small, and setting method is simple.
Constant feeding

It always perform powders supply to DAW PELLETIZER by fixed quantity supply feeder of the upper main body surely to be able to perform stable operation.
Intended use
● The first rough work grain of sintering dust-collection
● Feed-stock recycling(The second granulation mini-pellet of sintering dust-collection/Humidification blend kneading of the environmental dust-collection)
● The environmental dust-collection(Humidification blend kneading coke dust)
● Feed-stock recycling(Humidification blend kneading ofmain environmental dust-collection)
● Minor materials recycling(Pellet of the converter environmental dust-collection)
Specification / Model