Speed dries humid dust or sludge
Apparatus Summary
This apparatus drying the processing thing by indirectly continually heating with fill of saturated steam (heat medium) to the jacket casing and the hollow rotary shafts which mounted cavity disk blades.
  • Strong stirring and self-cleaning are perfomed by rotate two rotary shafts which mounted disk blades.
    The apparatus can maintain a high heat transfer effect because processing things that to scrape off the accretion of the disk-blades at the self-cleaning, and touches a heating surface are always replaced.
    In addition, a uniform dry thing with a few water deviations is provided by a high stirring effect.
  • It is compact but a heat transfer area is big for the capacity among cases, because the disk blades are mounted densely.
  • It is superior in maintenance characteristics of the disk blade by a desorption type disk blade.
  • This apparatus is an indirect dry type with a little exhaust, and the large-scale handling of exhaust and dust-collection is unnecessary.