Open and close system of Valve and Gate / Movable Remote-control System for
Opening and closing of the valve and gate
Automatic valve open and shut machine by remote control operation "UNI-HANDLER"
@UNI-HANDLER is specially designed for the purpose of opening and closing hand operated valve safely and easily which are using at (nuclear,thermal) power plants chemical plants, and resource establishments.
UNI-HANDLER are using efficiently for opening and shutting hand operated valve in nuclear/thermal power plants, big size hand operated valve in steam-power station, big scale valve at explosion preventive area in chemical plants.
UNI-HANDLER are installed efficiently at over 1,000 locations in Japan to apply operation to manual gate at water gate and tub gate and also apply operation to any manual handle.
As their main driving unit, is light and portable, one main driving unit can be operated several valves and it means good cost performance.
Unit composition of UNI-HANDLER
UNI-HANDLER consists of a driving unit, flexible shaft, attachment and adapter or specially designed handle.
Option units; position recorder, L type joint, support of flexible shaft and flexible shaft for piercing concrete wall are available.